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  • Overcoming Anxiety and Stress

    Psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance joins us to discuss Overcoming Anxiety and Stress!
  • What Happy People Do - And You Can Do Too

    Psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance has tips on how to be happy.

    During my 20+ years of helping clients dealing with stress, depression and other issues what I find really effective is, not only trying to "fix" the problem, but teaching them what happy, calm, successful people do instead. Most people are doing the best they know how but can still feel like they are missing something. When they understand and use these simple strategies they can significantly improve their emotional and physical health and, of course, feel happier. Here are some of the things happy people do...

  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

    Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

    Psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance has three tips to help beat stress and anxiety.

  • Failed New Year Resolutions?

    Dr. Ganz Ferrance with host ________ | CTV News

    Registered Psychologist Ganz Ferrance has tips to help you achieve your goals.

  • A Personality For Work And Home?

    Psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance suggests some people have different personalities at work and home. He offers tips on how to balance the two.

  • Coping with emotions from the Humboldt bus crash tragedy

    It is often said that time will heal, but now about ten days after the horrible bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos in Saskatchewan, many people are still struggling with its emotional effects