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Is Your Child Ready For Sleepaway Camp?

In Lifestyle, Parenting, Random Thoughts on March 23, 2019

My kids are getting older, they’re 7 and 9 now, and I’ve been contemplating a summer camp where they actually stay there for a week – the sleepaway camp. I recall being around 8 years old when I attended my first overnight camp and I have really fond memories of it! It was very strange at first, and I was a little homesick too.

We decided to have an expert weigh in on some of the questions I had around knowing if your child is ready for sleepover camp. Alberta Mamas reached out to Dr. Ganz Ferrance, a registered psychologist in Alberta to discuss.

What are some signs you can watch for to show that your child is ready for some independence?

Source: http://www.albertamamas.com/is-your-child-ready-for-sleepaway-camp

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