Dr. Ganz Ferrance ● Speaker ● Author ● Coach — click here for my PODCAST on STRESS


Passionate ● Bold ● Unorthodox

Clients tell me that my unorthodox and witty presentation style combined with a deep warmth and magnetic presence opens audiences up to thinking differently about their challenges, and moves them to a place of confidence in knowing what their next steps are.

I use real world examples from my own life and 25+ years of working in tough, high STRESS industries such as oil and gas, law enforcement and first responders. My no nonsense strategies can be implemented immediately to realize sustainable results.

Dr. Ganz speaking at the 2019 Global Influence Summit

Top Requested Presentations

Specialties include Keynotes and Workshops in the following markets:

    • Financial Services / Insurance (Executives, Managers, Planners, Advisors, Agents)
    • First Responders (Health Care/ER/EMT), Law Enforcement, Firefighters
    • Healthcare (Physicians, Nurses)
    • Oil & Gas/Energy
    • Small business
    • Diversity and Inclusion (Men’s issues)
    Can be a keynote, break-out session, or training session. I work with meeting organizers to customize any topic to your specific event needs. Can be tailored exclusively to men’s or women’s audiences (gender inclusive).