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Do it Well, Do it Right, Do it Right Now!

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I recently had the opportunity to be involved in a friend’s wedding. He is a pastor who married a pastor’s daughter (and there were three other pastors in the wedding party). As expected, there were a lot of sermons that weekend. One of the sermons struck me as a great message for us “Fast-trackers” whether we are thinking about investing, business or our personal lives. It was based on King Solomon, regarded by many to be the wisest man who ever lived. Here are the action steps I got from this talk:

Whatever we do…

1. Do it well. This is a great practice for everything we do but is especially important in business and investing. T Harv Eker, and his book Speed Wealth, says, “To be paid the best, you must be the best.” To be successful, it is important that we develop our skills as far as we can. This means that we must also enjoy and be passionate about what it is we are doing.  

When we have passion and enjoyment, this acts as fuel to keep us developing and working on our particular area of interest. In a relatively short time, our expertise will start to be noticed by others, and we will be sought out for our specialized knowledge, skills and competence. This will further add to our enjoyment -- and we know that others like to be around happy, confident people.

2. Do it right. It’s not the action -- it’s the attitude. The way in which we do what we do is extremely important. Our intent and whether or not we are acting in alignment with our values her short-and-long-term consequences to our health, happiness and success. When we act in a way that is life-affirming for us and everyone else involved, there is a different energy to our actions. We gain benefit far beyond the monetary reward and get to look ourselves in the mirror and sleep peacefully at night.

This is not just a nice idea. There are real psychological changes that take place in our bodies when we act outside of our own moral code. Emotionally, there is always the sense that we will be found out or that payback is coming (“what goes around comes around”). This increases our body’s STRESS response and puts chronic pressure on the immune system. In addition, this is our least productive state. It is much harder to problem-solve and almost impossible to be creative. So, it is important to have everything we do line up with our personal value system and code of ethics.

3. Do it right now. We don’t know when our time is up. Now is the only time we have that is guaranteed to us. We have all heard stories of people who had great plans for their retirement only to die a few weeks shy of getting the gold watch. I may be preaching to the choir talking to Fast Track Inner Circle Members, but “he who hesitates is lost.”

We need to live our lives and our passions NOW. There are two reasons that this is important. The first is that the more decisive we are and the more quickly we move, the faster we can receive feedback and adjust. These small adjustments can add up to major success in the long run. The second reason that we are practicing for a future right now. To quote T. Harv again, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

So, don’t wait to live your life until you get your stuff together. If you do finally get everything together, you won’t know what to do with it.

So, keep these three steps in mind, and you, too, may be seen as having the “wisdom of Solomon.”

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