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MEDIA RELEASE: Only 50 More Shopping (and stressing) Days Until Christmas


November 5, 2019

With the holidays closing in on us, Registered Psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance spoke today about why NOW is a good time to talk about stress. Don’t be left behind, pre-plan your holiday stress ahead of time.

Dr. Ganz says, “Stress affects you all year long, but at this time: we all just survived a stressful election; the days are getting colder and darker, plus holidays can bring up family stress, not to mention loneliness and financial strain for many. So instead of waiting until you find yourself overwhelmed, we just wanted to share what we’ve experienced with this and offer ways to create a happier season for yourself and those you care about.”

Dr. Ganz adds, “One of the big keys is to develop a practical, down-to-earth check list of proactive solutions to help you get ahead of it and create a happier season. Far too often people wait until after the holidays to deal with things. With a careful plan, you can get ahead of the game and it can help things flow more smoothly through an often difficult time for many.”

Special guests joined Dr. Ganz today: J’lyn Nye (Host of 630 CHED’s Afternoon News), Mark Korthuis (President and CEO of the Mental Health Foundation), and Joel Gotlib (Former CTV News Anchor) as they discussed how stress affects us all - and how to manage it. They all have their own personal stories about how stress has affected them and passed along helpful suggestions as to who and where people can turn to for assistance.

‘AskDrGanz - The Podcast’ recorded this interactive discussion today and the information will be available starting on Friday afternoon. We see podcasting as an exciting new way to get helpful, user-friendly information on mental health out to those who need it. It’s available on all major methods of downloads - Apple Podcast, Google, Spotify, YouTube and through his website AskDrGanz.com.

Dr. Ganz is always available to answer any related questions or potential sponsorship inquiries you may have. Please go to www.AskDrGanz.com.



Download a PDF copy of this media release here.

Listen to the podcast recordings: Part One and Part Two.

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