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4 Steps To Beating BURNOUT


Recently the World Health Organization officially recognized BURNOUT as an official medical diagnosis linked to your employment (CEO, laborer, single parent, homemaker, entrepreneur). It’s symptoms include: physical and emotional exhaustion (like: chronic fatigue, frequent physical illness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, lock of focus and forgetfulness, etc.); cynicism and detachment (like: isolation, lack of enjoyment, pessimism, etc.); ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment (like: irritability, poor performance, apathy and hopelessness, etc.). 

BURNOUT tends to sneak up on you. You want to do a good job but the demands, structure, how you do it, and how you judge your success/performance can all create BURNOUT - making you less effective and damaging your health and relationships. This is very personal to me as I’ve been through this a couple of times. It’s no fun. So I developed a system (The ME Factor) to help me recover and avoids it. Here are 4 of the strategies that you can use to beat BURNOUT and take back your life:

    1.  Stop and take a break. We’ve been taught a lie! Working longer and trying harder doesn’t always bring you better success - much of the time it works against you. It’s like an athlete “over training”. You get poorer results the harder you try. But once you take a break when you go back you’re further ahead and make better progress than you did before your took the break.

    2.  Ask yourself: “Is this working for ME?”. This is the foundation of my system. When you ask yourself this of the shoes you’re wearing, the relationships your in, the thoughts/beliefs you trust and live from, you then become conscious of the automatic things you do and think and then can be deliberate about doing them or finding something else that actually does work for you (makes you happy and moves your life forward).

    3.  Clarify your priorities. When you don’t know what your values are it’s easy to feel like your life is not your own and that you’re out of control. It’s also much harder to say “no” to things that don’t fit and “yes” to things that are importantly you. Figure out what our weighs what (ex. Getting sleep should be a bigger priority than satisfying your friends by hanging out longer - especially if you have an important test or protect the next day.). Practice saying “no”.

    4.  “Feed the goose”. This is kind of a “no-brainer” once you actually think about it. A goose lays golden eggs. The poor farmer who owns it gets rich, but greedy and impatient. He kills the goose and opens it to grab all the eggs at once. Damn! No more eggs. You can shake your head at the farmers stupidity - he should have just kept feeding the goose so he could keep getting the golden eggs!! You are your own farmer as well as the goose in your life. Look for things that feed all the “Me Factors” in your life (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) like going on vacation, playing, or volunteering; so you can be happy, live long and keep those golden eggs flowing in your life.

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