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About ME

Imagine, you wake up one morning to the sound of your alarm clock. The headache that’s been hounding you for the past two weeks reminds you it’s still there. You roll over, hit the snooze button, roll back again, look up at the ceiling...

... and realize you don’t know where the HELL you are.

My wake-up call and why YOU need TheMeFactor.me

Your body feels heavy—like stone, and you’re sweating profusely. You don’t recognize the room. You don’t remember going to bed the night before. You have no idea how you got there. You look around for any kind of reminder, but nothing seems familiar.

That's exactly what happened to ME one morning as a young man many years ago. For several minutes, all I did was lie there, very confused, scared, and getting more worried by the minute. I truly thought I was having a stroke.

Finally, it hit ME. I was at a hotel in Lac La Biche, a little town in northern Alberta, Canada. It was Tuesday and I had to go to work, but I realized that I couldn't! So I cancelled my day and fell back into bed for another precious few hours of sleep so I could try to make my way home in relative safety.

I couldn't ignore it any longer. I had been pushing too hard for too long. I was a workaholic. I had not been taking care of myself. I was completely burned out and it was beginning to show up in scary ways.

That was MY wake-up call

Fortunately, it wasn’t a stroke and I hadn’t (yet) done permanent damage to my health.

That was also the birth of The ME Factor©

The system I created in 1996 helped ME recover from burn-out, have way healthier relationships, and has kept my productivity high. I was just starting out as a Psychologist and began to notice that I wasn’t alone. The vast majority of the issues my clients were dealing with had some connection with this very personal model I was using to hold myself together.

No-Nonsense, Practical Strategies

I’ve always been really passionate about helping people Feel Better because then they can Do Better (and actually BE better). Probably because I know what it’s like to feel crappy a lot of the time and struggle with depression, anxiety and messed up relationships. I don’t want you to have to “take the scenic route” to learning what works better.

So my promise to you is that I’ll ONLY share advice, concepts, and strategies that have been “Battle-Tested” in my own life or in the lives of people I know.

The Me Factor - by Dr. Ganz Ferrance

That’s my promise to you:

PRACTICAL, Down-to-Earth Advice

So YOU Can Do Better.

Welcome to the revolution.

—  Dr. Ganz Ferrance

My Clients

My clients have been the toughest of the tough, including fourth generation gang bangers, hardened oil and gas workers, battle tested CEOs and entrepreneurs, and STRESSED out law enforcement officers.

I teach people in high STRESS occupations how to use no-nonsense, practical strategies to:

  • Stay focused
  • Make healthy decisions under pressure
  • Boost communication skills to reduce conflict during difficult situations at work, home or anywhere

I consult with businesses on workplace health and well-being, managing (and reducing STRESS), effective communication and relationship strategies, diversity and inclusion (including men's issues), and more. I specialize in serving people in the following industries:

  • Financial Services / Insurance (Executives, Managers, Planners/Advisors/Agents)
  • First Responders
    • Health Care (Emergency Room, EMTs)
    • Law Enforcement
    • Firefighters
  • Healthcare (Physicians, Nurses)
  • Oil & Gas/Energy
  • Small business
  • Executives

My Credentials

I am an International speaker, author, entrepreneur. I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Developmental Psychology from Andrews University in Michigan. I'm also the former Public Education Director and Vice-President of the Psychologists' Association of Alberta.

Since 1991 I've been helping individuals, couples, families, and corporations reduce their levels of STRESS, improve their relationships, and enjoy more success.

I've been in the media a lot since 2003 having been interviewed by The Edmonton Journal, CBC Radio, 630 CHED, Good Morning Canada, CTV News, Psychology Today, Ebony magazine, Bloomberg Business Radio Network, and many other media outlets. I hold the John C. Patterson Media Award from the Psychologists' Association of Alberta and the Rosalina Smith Award from the National Black Coalition of Canada for Exceptional and Prolonged Service from an Individual from the Black Community Conducting a Business.

My deep belief in "positive psychology" helps YOU be the best version of yourself. My style is straightforward, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense. I pride myself on being a fellow "work-in-progress" and do not present anything that I have not personally put my blood, sweat and tears into. This approach has made ME a sought-after public speaker – with audiences in the United States and Canada enjoying my fun, engaging and life-changing presentations on beating STRESS and building superior relationships. I also have a black belt in karate and am currently studying Aikido. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my wife and two children. 

Don't wait for YOUR wake-up call. That may be too late!

Don't wait for YOUR wake-up call. That may be too late! AskDrGanz.com

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