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Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line: Build Healthy, Happy, Engaged Employees

According to the Buffett National Wellness Survey, organizations with highly effective health and productivity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee.

Boost Your Botton Line - Build Healthy, Happy, Engaged Employees

Learn how to root out the hidden beliefs and habits that hold your team back and ignite them with purpose.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), 70% of Canadians stated that their work experience impacted their mental health negatively; and 78% reported mental health as the primary reason for missing work. Poor self-esteem, anger, depression, anxiety, STRESS … affects the workplace like poison. Employees dis-engage, complain all the time, don’t play well with others and suck the energy out of every room they walk into.  This causes lower productivity, crappy morale and higher turnover.

To get employees back on track, it’s essential to show them how they can reduce their STRESS, remind them why they wanted to work there in the first place and get them re-engaged. In mastering self-awareness, you and your teams will be able to identity the signs of psychological struggles earlier in the process and be able to pivot to well-being before it causes disruption in your employee’s lives and your company’s bottom line.

In this insightful presentation, you will:

  • Understand the role of the mind-body connection in creating well-being
  • Learn how to ignite your team with purpose -- motivating them to greater happiness and productivity
  • Root out the hidden beliefs & habits that hold you and your team back
  • Harness the power of you and your employee’s “Secret Brain” to reduce STRESS and feel in charge again

Can be a keynote, break-out session, or training session. I work with meeting organizers to customize any topic to your specific event needs. Can be tailored exclusively to men’s or women’s audiences (gender inclusive).