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Communicating Under Pressure

Communicating Under Pressure: How to Get Control and Manage Difficult Situations

Around $37 billion is lost yearly due to employee misunderstandings and bad communication.
Communicating Under Pressure

Learn how to stop a simple discussion from suddenly degenerating into Armageddon and how to communicate in a way that moves crisis and difficult situations into understanding and productivity.

When you are under STRESS, the sympathetic nervous system takes over (your brain basically de-evolves). You feel threatened so the filter between your thoughts and your mouth doesn’t work anymore. This shows up as weird body language, confusing facial expressions and words that can easily be misinterpreted. You also interpret what you hear from whatever emotion you are having at the time instead of a place of logic and objectivity. The result is conflict, poor decision making and substandard work. All of which escalates difficult situations, making it harder to move forward with positive solutions.

Whether you are a police officer who needs to talk someone down, a leader needing to get their team to follow through on a strategic plan or a salesperson looking gain trust, it is essential to learn how to calm the nervous system down so you can be far more effective at getting your points across, managing any STRESS that comes your way and gaining deeper, healthier relationships.

In this strategic presentation, you will:

  • Stop a simple discussion from suddenly degenerating into Armageddon
  • Avoid the 3 most common mistakes people make when communicating (and find out what to do instead)
  • Make sure your REAL point gets across and you TRULY get what the other person is trying to say

Recognize the early warning signs and how to take back control when your emotions are running the show!

Can be a keynote, break-out session, or training session. I work with meeting organizers to customize any topic to your specific event needs. Can be tailored exclusively to men’s or women’s audiences (gender inclusive).