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The ABCs of Assertiveness

Everybody wants things to work for them at home, at work, and especially when it comes to their health. But, if you’re like most people you’ve never been taught how to use one of you’re most powerful tools to make that happen. Here are 3 ways you can:

Accept your needs. You have needs just like everyone else. The assertive person takes responsibility for meeting their needs in a way that doesn’t hurt others or gets in the way of others meeting their own needs. 

Build your boundaries. “Good fences make good neighbours”. When you know what belongs to you and what is someone else's stuff (like a cranky co-worker) life gets simpler and a lot more fun. 

Clarify your values. Know what’s important in your own life (health, relationships, self-expression, etc.). Then you know what to protect and where to put your focus/energy.

Always ask yourself: “Is this working for me?”

Click here to listen to the recorded interview with J'lyn Nye at 630CHED.


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