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  • The ABCs of Assertiveness

    Everybody wants things to work for them at home, at work, and especially when it comes to their health. But, if you’re like most people you’ve never been taught how to use one of you’re most powerful tools to make that happen. Here are 3 ways you can...
  • 4 Steps To Beating BURNOUT

    Recently the World Health Organization officially recognized BURNOUT as an official medical diagnosis linked to your employment (CEO, laborer, single parent, homemaker, entrepreneur). It’s symptoms include...

  • The “No-Miss” Fathers Day Gift - Understanding

    June is the month we honor fathers. Trust me, there are no more meaningful gifts than understanding, validation, and a good relationship. So I thought this is would be great time to learn some things about men you may not know (and some men may not know themselves). When you understand how your partner thinks (and how you think if you're a guy) communication and relationships make way more sense and life seems a whole lot more fun. ** Actually, the truth is that both men and women can have these tendencies some of the time - men just have them more on average. **

    Here are 6 things you need to know:

  • Bad Boss

    Bad bosses are the number one predictor of workplace injury. Your interaction with your superiors affects both your health and your performance. This can also bleed over into your other relationships as well.

    One study found that over 25% of people surveyed had experienced workplace bullying or a difficult relationship with their superior, and another 21% knew someone who had gone through this (US numbers).

  • Co-Working Spaces

    It used to be that we sought having efficient workplaces through systems and organization of workload. That’s not so true anymore. We’ve come to recognize that what we do outside of the workplace and the environment of our workspace can also have a considerable impact on our efficiency at work.

    Here’s what the Alberta Primetime Lifestyle Panel had to say.

  • 4 Ways To Kill Your Relationship Without Trying

    You want a good relationship with your partner but chances are that you’re unintentionally working against each other.  In actuality you don’t know you’re doing anything wrong while your partner doesn’t grasp how holding onto negative...